AOS FOUNDATION is a charitable 501c3 non-profit organization that campaigns and advocates to take action to end childhood obesity and other related ailments. We believe the fight against childhood health related ailments isn’t about charity, but about educating our communities to find their future value and growth in who we are and where we live! 

AOS team members, volunteers, partners, etc. are extremely critical to this work. They come from a diverse spectrum. They are steppers/dancers (artists), business leaders, academicians, students, family, friends, etc. They take action when and where possible; educating, organizing and building communities in order for people to thrive, get active and more health conscientious. 

AOS teams in our home base of New York City and across the nation, in major urban markets, educate and lobby community stakeholders, educational facilities and political arenas to assist in developing solutions to fight childhood obesity and other related ailments. 

AOS FOUNDATION presently is not a grant making organization nor does AOS receive government funding. We are funded primarily by corporations (social corporate responsibility efforts) and philanthropists. We provide services through the latter and key strategic partnerships. 

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