About Us

Jessica ‘aka Remo’ Saul established The Art of Stepping Foundation in 2011 as a charitable organization (501c3). The Foundation was created to act as an avenue to provide the Arts & Mathematics through the “Stepping & Dance” art forms with an emphasis on assisting in the fight against childhood obesity and provide sustainable after-school programs to primarily under-served markets.

Educational enrichment and recreational programs continue to have funding constraints and challenges. Therefore, the Foundation aims to leverage its available resources to help provide programs that promote artistic expression in conjunction with mathematics to creatively stimulate the minds of our youth.


The Foundation looks to encourage and promote a world that becomes more and more health conscious & active within its communities. Moreover, The Foundation hopes to see more & more communities overtime have access to such artistic & educational programs like ours!

The Foundation is excited to see what its award winning, trademarked & copyrighted artistic & mathematical programs will do!


To give the art forms of Stepping & Dance mathematical codes that ultimately provide individuals with a new & unique language….a new way to learn and have fun. The latter will also fight against childhood obesity and other related ailments.